Pooran Poli is a dessert served during auspicious occasions.  I have eaten and relished different versions of this dish- it has different versions across Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and here in Southern India there are variations again.

My favorite version is that of my Mom in law.  She makes heavenly Pooran Polis and I learnt making them from her.  A lot of people use Maida for the dough (Poli) but we use wheat flour and to make the Pooran (stuffing) sweet we use sugar and not jaggery




 For dough (Poli): 
3 cups Wheat flour
Sugar to taste
Water/Ghee As needed
Ghee for frying Pooran Poli

For Stuffing (Pooran)

250 Gms Bengal gram (Chana Daal)
1/4 tsp Turmeric Powder
Water As needed for boiling Bengal Gram
Sugar to taste
Cardamom Powder

 Mix the wheat flour and sugar.  Add water as required and knead the dough in Ghee.  Pour some extra ghee on top and keep covered until the stuffing is ready.

Cook the Daal till it is soft and then strain the extra water out, keep it for cooling.  Grind it in a mixie till smooth and add cardamom powder.  Place this mixture in a pan and add sugar.  Cook and stir till the mixture reaches the consistency which will enable it to be shaped into soft balls. .  Equal number of balls are made of the dough as well as the stuffing.  The pooran is stuffed inside the dough and then rolled out flat using a rolling pin.


Pooran place on the center of rolled out Chapatti


Making Pooran Poli



Pooran Poli- Ready to be rolled out


Pooran Poli- Rolled out

There you go- Hot Pooran Poli served with Curry

Hot Pooran Poli served with Curry

Saffron, cardamom, and nutmeg is added for additional flavor.

Take a ball of dough, flatten it out into a small circle with a rolling pin and then place the pooran (stuffing) ball in the center, fold the chapatti and close the edges to cover the pooran.  The more the pooran the better!  Roll this out again and fry it on a hot girdle using ghee.  There you go.  I find it irresistible on its own or it can also be served with hot besan curry as my Mom in law likes to eat- but only after making lots of Pooran Poli for everybody at home.

You can add nutmeg powder/roasted cashews/saffron for extra flavor.  It can also be served with clarified butter or sweetened milk.