Happy Holi- With Savory Kheer!


Kheer- Indian Rice Pudding

 I love to make Kheer- as long as I am around to stir it at intervals; the aroma and richness of Kheer never fail me.  Moreover the main ingredients are always handy- milk, rice and sugar.

Yesterday was Holi and we invited some guests over- I always miss the grand Holi celebrations that we had back home when we were growing up.  I try to create the same magic, however I do miss my family and friends…….but for Arnav it is just beginning and he loves it.  Mom would have made Gujiyas and Kanji, I have never tried making those and so I settled for the pleasing and satisfying – Kheer.  It was super yummy and we all enjoyed it.


Whole Milk- 1.5 Lt

Rice- 1.5 Tbsp (Wash and soak for half an hour)

Cardamom (elaichi powder) – 1/2 tsp

Pinch of Saffron

Raisins & Cashew nuts

Almonds and Pistachio Nuts (Cut vertically)

3 Tbsp Sugar (You can change as per taste)


Take milk in a saucepan.  On medium heat bring it to boil.  Add the rice and keep stirring on medium heat. It is always good to make this in a non stick pan- the kheer should not stick to bottom of the pan- stirring it is integral- if the milk burns slightly too it will spoil the entire taste.  Keep stirring for about half an hour- the milk quantity will reduce to half and the rice will cook and become soft.  Add sugar and saffron strands.  Let the sugar dissolve.  Now add the cashew nuts and raisins, keep some for garnishing.  Add the cardamom powder and stir.  Bring it off the heat and garnish with nuts.  Serve hot or cold and enjoy.

 Some people like to fry the nuts and rice in little ghee. I don’t do that.  If you wish to you can just take tsp ghee in a small saucepan and fry them for a minute before adding to the kheer.  Same goes for the rice too- that can also be shallow fired in a couple of tsp ghee in a sauce pan and then added to the boiling milk.