Hung Curd Dip

Hung Curd Dip

I had this amazing dip at our friend’s place and have fallen for it…..easy and simple to make, it goes with just about any snack or salad. It makes the perfect dip for chips or fish finger…spread for a toast…dressing for salads…try it! The creamy texture of the hung curd and the flavor of garlic make any snack special when served with this dip.

Ingredients –

Hung Curd- 500 gms
Garlic paste (8-9 cloves)
Salt and pepper as per taste


Hang the curd in a muslin cloth till the water drains off- (about 4-5 hours). Add the garlic paste and salt and pepper.
I keep it simple, but for variation you can also add onions, capsicum, green chilies, cucumber, red chili flakes, or oregano.