Falafal & Veggie Stuffed Pita



What a week it was, hectic! Middle of the quarter means that I go to work early, come back late and look for short cuts in the kitchen and on a day like this what more can I ask for when Charit says he is making Pitas for dinner, I know I am blessed!

I had a veggie filling while the boys ordered Chicken tikka for their pitas 🙂  “All is well” ringing in my mind.

Honestly, the last thing I wanted to do was take pictures of the tempting Pita before gobbling it up. As always we got the wheat Pitas from the supermarket and this was easy, simple, healthy (cut the mayonnaise and cheese out) You can play with the stuffing- sprouts, cheese, hummus, something spicy like paneer tikka…can go on.



Hung Curd- 500 gms

Finely Chopped Vegetables (carrots, spring onions, tomatoes, capsicum, Cucumber, Coriander, Lettuce Leaf, cabbage and any vegetable of your choice)



Garlic Paste

Falafal (recipe here)

Mix the chopped veggies with hung curd and add salt and pepper as per your taste. You can add mayonnaise also to it.

Preheat oven to 325°F. Heat pitas in the oven until they are warm.  Place warm pitas on individual plates. Now place the hot falafels and hung curd veggies mix inside the Pita pockets

To prevent the Pitas from getting soggy, assemble the pita just before you eat it.

Yummy delight is ready!