Pizza- Quick to make!

Pizza is ready!

Pizza is ready!


Let me start by wishing everyone a very Happy Independence Day! I had a very nice time attending the Flag Hoisting ceremony at my son’s school. It is amazing to see these young kids render the National Song so melodiously and remember our freedom fighters. Love you guys!

Now over to the Pizza….back in the times, Mom used to make Pizzas for me and Bro, she still does….:-) and those pizzas were our special treat. We’d be so excited about a ‘Pizza Party’. She’d make the sauce at home and the pizza base too. I am not half as good as her…so  I get the base from the super market and well sauce…..and well with a lot of cheese and some seasoning, sauce is optional.

We make the pizza in a very simple way, it comes out so delicious, try it and you’d go for it again and again!

Ingredients & Method

Pizza Base (Thin Crust)

Onion, Capsicums, Tomatoes – finely chopped. Mix these in a bowl and add salt as per taste.

Garlic finely chopped (optional) add to the above mixture.

Pizza Seasoning- Oregano

Mozzarella or Processed Cheese

Ghee (Clarified Butter)- 1-2 tsp per pizza


Spread some ghee on the pizza base. Now spread the mixed vegetables evenly over this. Grate the cheese generously 🙂

Heat the oven to 225 C and place the pizzas for twenty minutes. Done!


You can have additional topping of your choice- you can zucchini, chicken tikka, chicken sausages, paneer cubes (cottage cheese)  or pepperoni.

If you don’t have pizza base at home, you can also use Bread- Brown Bread or any other bread of your choice….comes out equally delicious.

And the most important thing- the man in your house can make this simple pizza himself, ask him to do it for you, in my case, I don’t have to ask, my man makes them perfect!