Dosa, Chutney & Sambhar

Dosa, Chutney & Sambhar

It is Saturday again! and whats cooking?

I love Dosa, Chutney and Sambhar! As a kid whenever Mom made it, I would invariably overeat. I loved the way Mom made different stuffings for Dosas and served me and bro hot dosas. I’d start waiting for these delicious treats as soon as she said she soaked the rice for dosa; Love you Mom for everything. I also remember not being good at making crispy Dosas so I’d make Uttampam when Mom was not around. I remember making it for my bro- am sure he would have conveniently forgotten it- that’s a different story altogether.

Am so glad I am in Hyderabad…there are so many South Indian restaurants around that serve hot dosas…as early as seven in the morning (and it is not early for us believe me, we wake up at 6:00 am, even over the weekends!!) And often times, we go for a drive and as soon as it is seven we have a breakfast at one of our favorite restaurants.

Nevertheless I made this at home today with the help of my cook, Jaishri who is a veteran at making Dosas and am putting up the recipe for Dosa and Chutney.



Coconut Chutney - Ingredients

Coconut Chutney - Ingredients

Chana Daal or Bengal gram – ½ Bowl

Coconut – ½ cut into small pieces

Green Chilies- 4

Garlic cloves 2 (optional)

Tamarind as per taste (about a tsp paste is what I use) and this is optional

Rai/Mustard Seeds- 1 tsp

Salt as per taste

Oil 1 Tbsp

Chopped Coriander


In a sauce pan take tsp oil, heat it for a minute and now add the Channa daal, fry it for 3-4 minutes until it is light brown, take it off the heat. In the same sauce pan add tsp oil and now fry the green chilies for a couple of minutes. Grind the green chilies, daal, garlic cloves, coconut pieces, tamarind; now add salt as per taste.

Now in the sauce pan take tsp oil, add mustard seeds, once they splutter add just a half tsp chana daal. Add this to the Chutney and garnish with the chopped coriander.  Chutney is ready!

Coconut Chutney

Coconut Chutney


Ingredients (will make 20 Dosas approx)-

3 cups rice

1 cup skinless split urad daal (skinless black gram)

3/4 tsp fenugreek seeds

Salt to taste

1 tsp sugar (makes it crisp)



Wash the rice and urad daal well. Add fenugreek seeds and fill the vessel with water such that it is more than double the rice and daal. Soak overnight (about 8 hours) and then drain the water. Grind this in a food processor add little water if required – form a grainy paste. Transfer it to a bowl and add water to the batter- the consistency should be such that if you dip a spoon in it the batter coats the spoon. Add salt and keep this covered aside for 6-8 hours to ferment.

After t ferments, stir it and add a spoon sugar (helps make the dosa crisp) The Dosa batter is ready! Now making dosas is an art which I have not been able to master. However, you can check out the videos and probably a photo tutorial for this- would help more if you have not tried your hand at it before this.