Daal Paratha- The Complete Breakfast!

Daal Paratha

Daal Paratha

And before I could do the disappearing act again, I decided to write this post and kick off 2011- on this blog of course!

I hate to waste food and when I am left with Daal from the previous day, I mix it with flour and add onions, green chilies, coriander, extra salt as per taste.. little red chili powder, turmeric powder and a Tbsp oil! Knead the flour and you are ready to make hot crisp Parathas. You don’t really have to add water while kneading the floor, the Daal takes care of it.  You can check for consistency and add if you think you need it to knead the dough.  A Quick, delicious and healthy breakfast on a Saturday morning! Serve hot with Curd, Pickle or Butter.

You can add other veggies too- grated carrot, paneer….and alter the spice mix too to suit your taste buds- am sure you will enjoy this one.

On that note I wish to add that I have learnt a lot more about using leftover food in a different ways from my Mom in law and Mom- and what I am missing right now is my Mom making pudding with the leftover cake (very rare)…Ma I wish I could have it now….