Suji Idlis served with Coconut Chutney

Suji Idlis

Healthy, Delicious and Instant Idlis- No planning, no soaking, no grinding, no fermenting!

We love South Indian food and often have Idlis and Dosas over the week end. Here is a quick recipe for Suji Idlis my Mom makes. The combination of Suji and veggies make a perfect and healthy breakfast. I added some boiled corn to my son’s share of Idlis and he loved them all the more.

You can use any vegetable of your choice. I had these chopped capsicums “left over” from the previous night pizza party and this was a perfect way to utilize them.


(Makes approximately 10 Idlis)
1 Cup Suji (Semolina)
1 Cup Curd
1 tsp Baking Soda
Boiled Peas and Corn Half Cup (optional)
1 Carrot grated
1/2 Cup Cabbage chopped
Capsicum- Half Cup sliced (green, yellow and red- optional again)
1 Onion chopped fine
1/2 Green Chilies Chopped fine
1 Bunch Coriander chopped fine
1 Tbsp Oil
Mustard seeds (Rai) 1tsp
Salt to taste
1 tsp Urad Dal and Chana Dal

Idli Batter

Idli Batter


Heat the oil in a sauce pan and add the mustard seeds, once they splutter add the urad dal and chana dal. Add onions to this, fry them till they turn brown, and now add the capsicum and green chilies. Roast this for a minute and then add shredded carrot and cabbage. Now add the suji (semolina) to it. Roast it till the suji starts changing color and releases its aroma. Take it off the heat.

Please note that all vegetables can be added later too with the curd (without frying) My husband likes them to be slightly fired so I do it this way. So if you like you can just avoid frying veggies in the above.
Beat the curd; add 1/4 Cup water or more as required. Add this to the above. Add the boiled peas and corn and Baking Soda. Add salt and mix well.

Grease the Idli Mould. And pour the batter suitable (about 1.5 tbsp) in each idli slot. Place the Idli Mould in cooker and steam for ten minutes. If you are using a microwave, set it for seven minutes.
Serve this with Dhania (Coriander) Chutney, or Dosa Chutney or Sambhar. You will love them.

You can add curry leaves, cashews, grated ginger, potatoes, and shredded coconut too for variety and flavor.

Suji Idlis with Corn and other veggies for Arnav

Suji Idlis with Corn and other veggies for Arnav