Parle Biscuit Cake- Made in cooker

Parle Biscuit Cake

Parle Biscuit Cake- Made in a Pressure Cooker

Parle G Biscuits- I love them with tea and once in a while Arnav joins me to enjoy this treat.  I remember our pet dog Cheeku used to love these biscuits and I would treat him to my share of biscuits too. It was nice to have Cheeku around when we were growing up…to play with him after coming back from school and take him for walks…to bursting into peals of laughter when he scared strangers (now that is not kind I know, but who said we were perfect!).  I hope one day I can bring in a Labrador pup for Arnav ….it is good Arnav can’t read it out here or else he would insist on having one right now…right here.

I saw this recipe on and fell for the idea…simple, quick, easy and what I liked the most about it was the ingredients were handy.It tastes good and the texture is fine too.  I followed the recipe and instructions that Deepa mentioned, I just added a little milk powder and milk cream, and here it goes-


Parle G Biscuit powdered- 2 Cups

Grounded Sugar- 1 Cup (or lesser as per taste)

Vanilla Essence- 1 tsp

Baking Powder- 1 tsp

Milk- 1 Cup

Milk Powder- 1 Tbsp (optional)

Milk Cream- 1/2 Tbsp (optional)


In a bowl take powdered biscuits, add the sugar, milk powder and baking powder and mix.  Now add the Vanilla essence, Milk, and milk cream.  Whisk properly until the mixture is smooth. Add the dry fruits.  Now transfer this batter into an 8 inch round baking tin.

Place the tin in the pressure cooker.  Remove the gasket/ring of the cooker.  Keep the whistle on and bake the cake.  Like Deepa has suggested- the first five minutes on high flame and then 15 to 20 minutes on medium flame. Remove the lid to check if the cake is baked.  You can check by inserting a knife/skewer to see if it is baked.

It takes slightly more time for the cake to bake from center, so as Deepa suggests keep the lid on of the cooker even after you take it off the heat.  The steam helps to bake the cake from the center.


Don’t put any water in the cooker

The cake batter should not be too liquid- change the milk/sugar content as per the amount of powdered biscuits.

Take the ring/gasket out of the pressure cooker while baking the cake.

It tasted very nice and we loved it!  Thanks again Deepa for this quick, easy and delicious recipe.

Why is today so special?

Leena and Kishore are our close friends and this cake is for their kids Saveer and Soni…they turn five today, I remember the first time I saw them, Soni a few hours old was looking  all  around, alert and active, Saveer was sleeping calmly. Here is wishing them happiness and good health! You rock guys!

Here is their picture as on 31  December 2005 (their first New Year Party), Arnav was 5 months and they were ten months.

Arnav Saveer Soni- First New year Party!

Arnav, Saveer & Soni- First New Year Party!