Fruit Rocket

Here is something that I found on the net and offered to Arnav- From the name- “Fruit Rocket” it was a “go” He enjoyed helping me make it, and relished eating it. Try it for your kids and let them enjoy this simple to assemble and healthy fruit rocket. The icing on fruit rocket- for the first time I did not have to remind him to finish his fruits!

Water Melon- 1 piece cut in triangular shape
Strawberry- sliced into half vertically
A couple of grapes
Apple- 1 piece cut like a trapezium/square
1/2 Banana

You can add a circular kiwifruit slice , pine apple , orange or any other fruit that you have handy at home.
Thread the fruits into a kebab stick. Sprinkle castor sugar on the fruits, or dip them in sweet yoghurt/cream. Watch the kids as they have a blast eating it.