Fruit Cream with Cake

My son loves sweets- he loves Gajar Halwa as much as he loves Chocolates.  He has recently started enjoying fruit cream- a very simple and ‘quick to make sweet dish’. It tastes delicious and can be made with a lot of variations. I often add layers of cake and dry fruits to the fruit cream- we love the idea and the taste.

I fell in love with fruit cream when I was in school. Back then, my friend Rolly’s Mom used to send it for me whenever she made it and how I loved to have it!


Cream – 500 ml (I used Amul Cream)
Cake- I used Britannia Cake with Butter Scotch Flavor
1 Cup Icing Sugar (You can also add powdered sugar)
Fruits sliced-
1/2 Cup Grapes- sliced horizontally
2 Apples peeled and sliced
1 banana sliced
1 Pomegranate
½ Cup Pineapple sliced
1 Mango peeled and sliced (Should not have too many fibers)
Sliced and chopped cashew nuts and almonds.
You can also add other fruits such as melon, kiwi and so on.


In a bowl take the cream and add sugar to it. Whip it gently until the sugar mixes. Now add the fruits, dry fruits and mix them.

Halve the cake horizontally. Put one half at the bottom of the bowl. Spread half of the fruit cream prepared above on this. Now put the other half of the cake on top and pour the rest of the fruit cream on top of this evenly. Arrange fresh fruits on top. Dust some icing sugar on this.

The taste of fruit cream wears off in a couple of days usually so remember to consume it soon.  You can also add chocolate flakes or crushed walnuts to fruit cream. Enjoy!