Shrikhand- Delicious to eat and quick to make!

Shrikhand takes me back to my days in Indore…I did my Masters from there. The first time I had it, I was with my hostel mates.  My family loves this dish. Charit finds sweets irresistible anyways, he can never say no to a sweet dish. My family loves it with Mango flavour (amarkhand) However this time I tried this quick delicious dish without it. You can do a lot with its presentation too. My inspiration for using pomegranate comes from This dish is quick and super tasty. It can be served as dessert, quick snack or breakfast. I served it to my husband after he came back from gym- temptation!
I have to add that if you are short of time on hand, job, kids…….this one is for you…..


1/2 kg Curd
300 gms. Sugar (Powdered/castor)
Few strands saffron
1/2 tbsp. Pistachios cut
1 pomegranate.


Tie and hang the curd in a muslin cloth overnight (7-8 hours approximately). In the morning take the curd out in the bowl and add the sugar to it and stir. Keep it aside for 10-15 minutes so that the sugar dissolves properly. Meanwhile, put the strands of saffron in a tablespoon of milk and let them dissolve, keep aside. Now take the curd and sugar mixture, whisk it well till you can see it becoming smooth. Now pass it through a strainer which has big holes, if need be press with your hand or spatula. Add dissolved saffron. ( I did not add cardamom powder but if you wish, add at this stage) Mix and Shrikhand is ready.

For the look to come through use transparent serving bowls/glasses. Add some pomegranate at the bottom, then add-on the Shrikhand. Top it with more pomengarante and chopped Pistachios for garnishing. Refrigerate and chill it for a couple of hours. Enjoy the sweet curd preparation.
You can use powdered cardamom/crushed strawberry/pineapple pulp for added flavor.